On December 10th 2021, PSI/Laos officially hosted the annual meeting of the project ‘Increasing Access and Use of Reproductive Health Services in Lao PDR Project’ at the Landmark Hotel, Vientiane Capital. The meeting was co-chaired by Dr. Phonepaseuth Ounaphom, Director of Hygiene and Health Promotion Department, and Ms. Saysana Phanalasy, Acting Country Director of PSI/ Laos. The meeting was held both in a room and virtually with 75 participants attending from relevant departments and ten target provinces including, the Hygiene and Health Promotion Department, the Department of Healthcare, the Food and Drug Department (FDD), the Mother and Child Health Center, Ministry Office, the Association of Obstetrics – Gynecology, the Department of Health, the Department of INGOs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, trainers on the prevention of unsafe abortions, and provincial health educators. Key outputs of the meeting included a presentation summarizing the Women’s Health Project and the creation of a work plan to be implemented by the Ministry of Health in 2022.

The purpose of the meeting was to report the results of project implementation in 2021 and to plan project activities for 2022 in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and target provinces. It was reported that n 2021, the project achieved its goals in implementing activities in all target provinces, particularly those related to Safe Abortion Services, including: Supportive Supervision Visits; training in health care ethics concerning the prevention of unsafe abortions; creating, providing, and handing over technical and communication tools to the public sector, the Quality Assessment of health care services for health providers , and communication work to increase the accessibility of health information through the support and guidance from central level authorities and good coordination with provincial levels. As a result of this meeting, all sectors agreed to continuing cooperation to implement the activities and ensure the continuation of the work of PSI/Laos in 'Increasing Access and Use of Reproductive Health Services in the Lao PDR Project’ to assist Lao women to stay healthy and strong by enabling them to exercise their rights to access to quality reproductive health care provision.